Preparing for April

Leading into Autism Acceptance Month can be pretty exhausting. What kinds of people are we going to encounter this year? Are the anti-vaxxers going to be lashing out? How many will silence our voic… Source: Preparing for April Advertisements


Add these tools to your arsenal to help fight mental illness and educate yourself and those close to you. Please note, with some of the products below I make a small profit from the sales. This in … Source: Healing

#MakeRoomForMatthew – Online Petition

Right!  This has been in the media quite often recently but the more I read about other families in the UK having such similar situations with Medical & Health care and support services that are involved with vulnerable people!!  I am so proud of Matthew’s Mum and Dad, Isabelle and Robin Garnett having the confidence to voice the treatment and […]

#AwarenessRaising – #Caregiving

Ok so first and foremost if you haven’t already read Welcome to my madness! I would give it a quick read so that you have a general idea of my outlook at life and aims and goals for this blog!  Also The who’s who in Scorgie life! informs you of the main people that’ll be featured in my posts […]

The who’s who in Scorgie life!

Well this is pretty much the “Red Carpet” treatment for the most common to feature in my posts!  My life had so many challenges because my “Script Writer” in life didn’t want me to ever get bored! Haha! Scorgie 1 – “Wee Man” – No matter what age milestone (last month was his 18th… I’m positive […]

Welcome to my madness!

Firstly I would like to say hello to some of the people who’ll recognise me from PurrrdyPanda’s days – I hope you are all doing fantastic and that life is treating you just as well!!  To yourselves it is Welcome back to my madness! As for the rest of you lucky people thank you so […]